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Not wanting to be a burden on others, Alice has started trying to buy all of her meals at the diner near the warehouse. It costs $12, but it tastes better than her own cooking, and it feels honest.

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Life goes on

Kev never left Zedadias’ home after Alice did. He’s still wandering the house having arguments with himself. Zedadias isn’t responding to him, perhaps hoping that if he ignores him, he’ll go away.

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Alice has found what looks like an unlocked abandoned warehouse outside the centre of town.

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Money Worries

Alice is looking after her father, but that doesn’t mean she’s pleasant to him. He gets some distasteful looks as the food is served.

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Troubled Sleep

There’s an ugly confrontation between the father and daughter on the doorstep that evening. Zedadias is upset by Kev’s comments about Alice, and about him, but not once does either party invite him to join the conversation.

Alice is invited to stay the night again. Kev seems to believe this invitation is extended to him as well, and he sleeps on the sofa.

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He’s not happy

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Eventually, Alice reaches Zedadias’ spare bed without collapsing. She gets a full night’s sleep, and wakes feeling well rested for the first time in her life.

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Macaroni Cheese

Alice is still very hungry, so before she and Zedadias go to bed, she decides to cook a meal for them both.

Zedadias looks terribly anxious about this. This might be because this is the first time she has ever cooked, and she doesn’t exactly have a good track record with using his appliances so far.

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