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Alice hated her father. After all he’d done to her in his life, that’s not really surprising. But he was still the only family she ever had, so nor is it surprising when his death leaves her an emotional wreck for days.

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Kev and Alice

Kev’s last wish is to speak with Alice. He finds her at their old park, passing the time with a book. On seeing him, Alice’s mood immediately drops. She really doesn’t want to see Kev.

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Kev and Yvette

Next on Kev’s list is Yvette. He doesn’t get a warm welcome.

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When Alice isn’t working, she doesn’t really have anywhere else to go. Often, she ends up sitting on the bench outside the store where she’s employed, waiting for her next shift to start.

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Kev and Robert Newbie

Robert Newbie was the man that Kev met in the park back at the beginning of this story. That was a long time ago, and they’ve never seen each other since. But Kev remembers. Kev remembers his old enemy.

It’s very early in the morning when Kev arrives at Robert’s house. So he waits. He sits on the lounge chair by the pool, and he waits.

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Kev and Rhoda

Kev is feeling his age. You never know exactly how long someone has left to live in The Sims, but you can get some idea from the little green progress bar of their life. Kev’s is nearly full.

He has accumulated a lot of wishes in a short space of time. All of them are to say certain things to various people he’s met in his life. To tell them what he thinks of them. First on the list is Rhoda Bagley, who he wants to insult. Rhoda’s brother Sherman answers the door, and clearly remembers Kev.

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A sofa is still better than a bench

That evening, Zedadias finally puts all of that practice in front of the mirror to use.

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It’s the weekend. Alice had a wish to see Zedadias again, so she’s back at his house to stay for a few days. When she wakes up about midday, though, she finds Zedadias has another guest.

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Hugs and Nemeses

Kev is now fed, clean, and not terribly tired. Therefore, he’s having a day in town.

He begins the morning by trying to make friends with Alice’s old schoolfriend Anita.

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When Alice was young, Kev wanted nothing to do with her, and she mostly had to fend for herself. But now that Kev is growing old, she’s reluctantly making the decision that she can’t do the same to him.

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